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How to Use the Codex

Most of the Codex is basically laid out like a book that has sections and sub-sections in a tree-like structure within. At the bottom of each Codex page will be a list of its immediate sub-pages, links to the "previous" and "next" pages, as well as an "up" link to go to the parent page of the one you're on.

Seem complicated? Don't worry, you can always quickly see where you are in the Codex by referring to the block in the sidebar, and the block's links can be used to navigate the Codex as well. Plus you can always use the Search box at the top of the sidebar. Last but not least, the top of this website contains quick links to some major sections of the Codex as well as a list of Characters and the latest Adventure Logs.

A Note on Page Numbers

Throughout this codex (as well as within GURPS books you may read) you will see page numbers prefaced by one or more letters, such as “B427” or “OW32”. The letters refer to which book contains the noted page. The Steve Jackson Games website has a full list of such abbreviations, but for our purposes the most common will be the following:

  • B – GURPS Basic Set [1]
  • BT – GURPS Bio-Tech
  • LI – GURPS Lite
  • M – GURPS Magic
  • OW – GURPS Old West
  • TH - GURPS Thaumatology [2]
  • UT – GURPS Ultra-Tech

 Notes from above list:

  1. The Characters and Campaigns books have a unified numbering scheme, so B refers to either book.
  2. SJ Games has oddly neglected to add GURPS Thaumatology to their master list, so this is my own, non-conflicting reference

A Note on Gender

Personal pronouns are a pain in the ass. I don't want to offend anyone, but constantly using "she/he" instead of just picking one is really cumbersume and not fun to read. I haven't decided on a formal convention yet, so if you run into a personal pronoun in a generic context (eg. talking about a profession) rather than text about a specific individual (eg. Baron von Pronoun is really obsessive about his use of politically-correct language), just do me a favour and assume there's an implied magical pronoun that refers to both genders.

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